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Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution

‘Josephine L K Chow & Co. is a boutique law firm specialising in various aspects of the law. They are good at being able to spot and break down our problem/briefs immediately and come up with a precise strategy to address our matter.’ – Legal 500

Our objective is to efficiently resolve disputes while minimizing costs and disruptions. We carefully analyze your situation, explore all possible avenues, and provide you with the best advice. We consider alternative options such as out-of-court settlements and mediation, but if litigation is necessary, we proceed rigorously and efficiently to protect your interests.

Our Dispute Resolution department has an impressive portfolio encompassing various matters, including:- 

  • Litigation relating to the enforcement, breach, repudiation, rescission and specific performance of contracts
  • Corporate matters involving the Companies Act 2016, shareholder disputes, and general commercial disputes
  • Litigation relating to equitable remedies of specific performance and injunctions
  • Construction related disputes, including but not limited to arbitration proceedings and claims under the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012
  • Disputes relating to the sale and supply of goods or services rendered
  • Tortious claims and disputes
  • Industrial and employment related disputes and litigation
  • Intellectual Property (IP) litigation
  • Litigation relating to land or property 
  • Landlord and tenancy disputes
  • Litigation relating to wills, probate, administration of estates and trusts
  • Family Law disputes (involving divorce, guardianship, adoption, child custody and maintenance)
  • Litigation involving Strata Titled Property and Property Management
  • Registration of foreign judgments
  • Execution proceedings