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Teh I-Vern
テー アイ ウェン

I-Vern is a legal associate at Josephine, L K Chow & Co. who joined the firm's Dispute Resolution department in March 2023. With an interest in litigation, he has developed a specialised focus in handling strata management disputes. Working under the guidance of partner Cyndi Chow, I-Vern brings a strong educational background and a passion for the law to his role. 

I-Vern graduated from the University of London in 2019 and subsequently obtained his Certificate of Legal Practice in 2022. He was then admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in December 2022. 

I-Vern possesses a strong understanding of legal frameworks and procedures. His experience in handling strata management disputes has honed his skills in navigating complex, and oft times confusing, regulations as well as towards resolving conflicts in a fair and efficient manner. I-Vern endeavours to approach legal matters with sharp analytical thinking and a pragmatic outlook to ensure that clients receive well-rounded and effective representation. 

I-Vern's motto, "Respond, Don't React," underscores his commitment to thoughtful and measured legal practice. It serves as a reminder to approach challenges with a level-headed mindset, analysing situations thoroughly before taking action. By adopting this philosophy, I-Vern is able to provide his clients with well-reasoned advice whilst avoiding impulsive decision-making. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, I-Vern enjoys outdoor activities, particularly badminton and evening runs, which allows him to stay active and enjoy the benefits of physical exercise. He also enjoys singing in the bathroom. I-Vern is also a video game enthusiast and regular churchgoer.