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Senior Intellectual Property Enforcement Officer
Akhdiat Nur Zahhir Bin Alwi
アクディアト ヌル ザヒル ビン アルウィ

Akhdiat is a law graduate and a qualified lawyer. Opting to pursue his legal career on a different pathway, Akhdiat has gone to develop his forte in the Intellectual Property (IP) department of the firm, with more than 10 years of experience in conducting IP raids for wide range of clients and IP owners, including those from industries like software, food and beverage and clothing apparels. He deals with the government authorities in securing and coordinating raids, and also with the technical teams to ensure the smooth running operation of a raid. Prior experience in human rights has equipped him to face challenging situations with perseverance. 

His area of work is to ensure compliance of clients' intellectual property rights, that they are not infringed or abused in any ways by businesses, this includes compliance of licenses owned by the clients. 

Being directly on the ground, vital information from him will assist in the firm's move to pursue the infringers for civil demands such as legalization and public apology to the clients. Criminal paper works to assist the government's prosecution is also part and parcel of the work, to ensure infringers are apprehended under the law accordingly.