Senior Associate

Chia Hui Ming

チィア フイ ミン

Hui Ming is a Senior Associate at Josephine, L K Chow & Co who works closely with Yip, the Managing Partner of the firm’s KL Office. She was called to the Malaysian Bar in October 2016. Hui Ming’s practice focuses on Dispute Resolution relating to Civil, Corporate, Estate and Construction Law matters. Hui Ming is also an Accredited Mediator with the Malaysian Mediation Centre.

Hui Ming is well-rounded legal professional as she has worked with a wide variety of clients within her areas of practice and expertise, helping them to manage and navigate various legal issues relating to construction matters, corporate matters, contracts, debt recovery, trademark infringements, conveyancing, estate distribution, defamation and injunctions. Hui Ming has helped many clients avoid further legal predicaments by adopting a clear, practical, ‘common sense’ approach when providing legal advice.

As a big advocate of alternative dispute resolution methods, in particular mediation, Hui Ming is adept at handling legal matters of a personal nature such as divorce petitions, adoptions and contentious family inheritance disputes. Hui Ming believes that a holistic approach to dispute resolution that encompasses matters of emotion, underlying interests and practical considerations is the key to effective satisfactory solutions.

Hui Ming has also handled many Adjudication and Arbitration matters in her relatively short career. She has drafted, reviewed and prepared letters of award and also construction contracts between contractors and sub-contractors.

As someone with a strong sense of social responsibility, Hui Ming also volunteers her time on weekends at a local Member of Parliament’s Service Centre that offers pro-bono legal services.

Outside of work, Hui Ming is actually an accomplished Wushu athlete who has competed in various inter-state and international games and events since the age of ten. After competing in her last Wushu event in Hong Kong at the age of 21, she decided to start formal training in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. Aside from her active practice of these martial arts, Hui Ming also runs competitively and enjoys diving.