Nabilah Aryssa binti Mohamad Askandar

ナビラ アリッサ ビンティ モハマド アスカンダル

Nabilah graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia with a Bachelor-of-Laws Honors degree in February 2021 and has joined Josephine, L K Chow & Co. in March 2021 as a pupil-in-chambers.

Besides being a dedicated pupil in the chambers of Ms. Cyndi Chow, Nabilah is also an active community organizer, advocating comprehensive sex education for SPOT (https://www.hellospotgirl.com) as well as a researcher for PUTRA (https://putra.org.my/).

As a firm believer of a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, she always ensures that she has time for sports in between juggling her legal and volunteering works. She enjoys playing rugby, running, hiking, and recently discovered a new interest in bouldering.